First-hand knowledge is a fundamental aspect of the company’s tour operations. When it comes to satisfying tourists with learnings about the vibrant culture of each locality, there’s no better source than from the locals themselves. The founders of Happy Juanderer Travel are natives of llocos, Cordillera, Cebu and Central Visayas respectively. The company was built out of love for travel and passion to stimulate local livelihood through responsible tourism. Moreover, each member of Happy Juanderer Travel Team is a native local with the highest level of expertise and knowledge of each destination. It is through personal interaction with locals that tourists are enabled to build a strong connection with communities throughout the local destinations. The best travel ambassadors are the locals who grew up and spent majority of their time in their respective localities, thus, tourists are surely filled with information and protection from no other than our home-grown locals. By doing business with Happy Juanderer Travel you are also contributing to the equal rise in the livelihood of each local destination.


Personal service is the core of our business. To guarantee focused leadership, Happy Juanderer Travel is directly involved in all its tour operations. The company handles tour operations first hand to allow direct supervision and permit flexibility in any situation. Composed of a diverse team of native locals. HJTI host tourists’ with full attention to details so it can deliver safe and excellent tour experience through personal approach


Consistently a top recommendation, Happy Juanderer Travel aims to sustain its brand of excellence through stanch dedication and professionalism. Perceived as a top choice in terms of reliability, safety and money’s worth, Happy Juanderer consequently, has become the best tour operator of choice to bring you around South Cebu and Central Visayas. It is through hands-on tour management that we are able to deliver a focused and personal approach to the specific needs of each client. Likewise, our team constantly seeks customer feedback to continuously learn new ways on how to improve quality of the service every time.


Being a young company is one of our biggest strengths. Happy Juanderer’s potential for growth is very promising because of its defile drive towards innovator. It persistently strives to challenge traditional tours to make available unique itineraries that will equally promote underrated destinations. Project Sursuroy: The best of South Cebu was the brainchild of HJTI. It was Happy Juanderer Travel who took the initiative to study, promote and market the South Cebu Itinerary when no one else did – to date. South Cebu is now the Philippines’ most sought after adventure itinerary. Young as we are, Happy Juanderer is passionate to consistently understand the specific needs of each market so that it can deliver the best of service and create a demand for unfamiliar destinations.