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Sinulog 2020: Where to Party after the Grand Parade

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Colorful banners in the streets of Cebu signals the arrival of the Sinulog 2020 festival. A whole-day of street dancing and revelry is an experience of a lifetime if it’s your first time attending the event. If you are looking for a place to party after the grand parade, here are some of the things you should consider:

Take it to the streets!

Fortunately, the Cebu City government announced the possible return of street parties during Sinulog day. This means that people will be expecting a lot of raving and dancing in the streets. Indeed, watching the Sinulog grand parade is the appetizer, fueling your mood for all-day merrymaking. When the party vibe kicks in and you want to totally experience the Sinulog revelry, nothing beats going to the streets of Metro Cebu. Everywhere you go, you can always find a partying crowd and blaring music literally in the street!


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Stay in one spot: Mango Avenue

If you’re into mardi-gras and street parties, Mango Avenue is the place for you. Strategically located in the heart of the metro, this area is known for its street party crawl. Aside from the bars and discotheques in the avenue, enjoy tons of public-hosted street parties and meet different people from all walks of life. However, the crowd can extend from the tip of the avenue up until Fuente Osmena circle so be sure to prepare yourself propelling through a wave of a raving crowd.

Feel the Sinulog vibes in Fuente

The Fuente Osmena circle plays a significant role in the Sinulog celebration. Cultural shows and Sinulog activities and events are held every night in the week-long celebration. After the grand parade, it will be transported into a party zone. Jam with locals while watching a concert or groove your way in and out of the circle. 100% guaranteed that there will be no vehicles around the circle during the festivities so people can seamlessly enjoy the place!


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Head out to Cebu’s Carnival

If you are not fond of reveling crowds and heart-pumping music, you can head out to South Road Properties (SRP) to feel some adrenaline. Hop on the UFO or Viking for a stimulating ride. You can ride the Ferris Wheel and enjoy Cebu’s city lights at night! You can also participate in some gaming booths to win fabulous prizes.

Party the next day!

You can party in the streets at night and enjoy the rest of Cebu the next day! With the help of a professional, reliable, and licensed Cebu travel and tours agency like Happy Juanderer Travel Inc, your Sinulog and Cebu trip will be complete. We offer various tour packages that will relatively fit your preference and budget. We also have a gastronomic tour you can enjoy in and out of the city!

Start your year with a blast by attending Sinulog 2020 with a blast and traveling to Cebu in style!


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