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Why Men Fall in Love with Women Who Travel

Sumilon Island

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it
—basically because you feel good, very good,
when you are near or with them.”
—Charles Bukowski

Simply because this type of woman sweeps a man off his feet, leaving him falling head over heels for her. Here are some good reasons why.

She has a free spirit.

Travelers are born with a free spirit that cannot be tamed. While most people work for stability and security, a rare free spirit like her strives to break out of the mold. She simply feels that ordinary life shackles her and makes her feel dead. So she must break free, get inside that bus, and enjoy the long ride to the beaches or mountains. Just anywhere.

She reminds a man of what matters most.

This kind of woman just reminds a man of what he’s been missing out: that is to feel alive and be free. No great moment escapes her, for she completely “lives in the moment,” and almost never lonely when she’s all by herself.

She creates her own world.

A traveler like her wants to map her own world. Instead of waiting for a man to tell her what to do, she decides for herself and creates her own kind of life. So sometimes she gets too stubborn, but that’s only because of her strong sense of independence. Truth is, she’s got a wild knack for learning and is willing to hear to your thoughts as well.

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Image by Ytal Cruz and Michael Morales

She’s got adventure running in her blood.

Just spontaneous and daring. There’s almost never a dull moment with her, for she hates the mundane. What she wants are long walks in the streets at 2AM even if she has to come to work later at 7AM. She doesn’t fear that.

She’s very playful.

Very exciting. She secretly wants to do some stupid and crazy things she’s too afraid to share to anyone. She can tell you stories of her travels and dreams all night in great detail, like she’s painting a picture. She’s a boxful of surprises and likely to have spur-of-the-moment adventures with you. With her, you can be as weird as you can possibly be, meaning more of yourself.

She’s not materialistic.

Having an inward sense of growth, she chooses real-life experience over material possessions. She’s enjoying life too much to focus on material possessions. If you ask her what’s on her mind, she’ll tell you of places she’s been planning to go.

She’s a natural problem solver.

Nothing turns on a man more than a woman that knows how to make things happen. A traveler simply, by instinct and by experience, knows to get to the destination. If she doesn’t have the answers, she’s prepared to learn it along the way. She is strong-willed problem solver and hates giving up. Traveling requires a great deal of planning and commitment. You can expect her to be good at those things. As a traveler, she’s gone through a lot.

She has a great thirst for knowledge and open-minded.

This is why conversations with her are never boring and can go on for hours deep into the night. She immerses herself in books and articles about places and different cultures because she dreams of traveling around the world someday. And she definitely will.

You’ll learn a thousand things from her. She’s willing to learn from you as well, because she knows better than most people how large and humbling the world out there is.

Sumilon Island

Image by Ytal Cruz and Michael Morales

She changes you bigtime.

For one, she makes you appreciate the simple moments a lot better. She can make you ask yourself what it is you truly want to do in life. And she can inspire you to aim for bigger things. Her jest and fire for adventure has an effect on the people around her, especially to her closest friends. It will be challenging, but falling in love with a traveler like helps you discover what you truly are.